Border Crossing




Thursday October tenth sees our fair caravaners depart Castlemaine and head inland to Echuca. Our night in Castlemaine passed fairly uneventfully with quiet activities such as caravan decorating, reading and writing. Though the peacefulness was interrupted somewhat by a large scary sounding animal we eventually deduced was a irate possum, not some sort of man-eating, bush-dwelling monster as was first suspected.

The cafe stop over in Bendigo yields coffee and cupcakes and the op shop in Rochester bestows us with a somewhat impractical banana holder modelled on a very specifically shaped banana.

As we drive into Echuca we realise if you say Echuca repeatedly but without the ‘E’ it sounds like a train noise ie. ‘chuca-chuca. ‘chuca-chuca, ‘chuca-chuca’ and so on. We spend a good ten minutes making this noise without any diminished amusement at our clever discovery.

The sing-along soundtrack in our car today comprises of Paul Simon, Paul Kelly and The Police. There are less flamboyant dance moves and more introspective folk moments but the vibe is still tight as we roll past the flattening landscape towards the border.

When we get to Echuca we go off road and find a spot by the Mighty Murray to camp for the night. There is no electricity or running water or nearby toilets… but the excellent views more than make up for any lack of modern conveniences.

A very pleasant night is passed by the campfire as tales are shared, red wine is passed and the sun sets over the river.

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  1. Cath says:

    Ah that is what caravanning is all about!

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